Georgina and Wilfred at Great Ormond Street Hospital in October 2018, as part of Family Arts Week, encouraging the art of letter writing.


It was a sizeable, off-white, dusty rabbit head that my dad made from several Kellogg’s boxes and faux fur that started things off. It was sat on the top shelf of the old garage. It was then the realisation that you have no way of meeting your first love, Big Bird and after being invited into the Head Teachers office at school, as Humpty Dumpty, you don’t fit through the door because you have made the paper mache egg too big

Growing up I would dress my Mum up, my Dad up, my friends, anyone who stood still for too long would be wrapped in 40 metres of tinfoil, adorned with a spray painted silver funnel on their head, and into the room would creak The Tin Man from Oz.

Ever since then the fun has continued.